UNSW Circus Society

The UNSW Circus Society has a tradition of diversity, creativity and sharing within an environment that supports physical theatre and skill development. Just as it takes several people to build a human pyramid, it takes as many people to create a performance. On stage, backstage, or in administration, these many hands work together to bring fun, fervour, and fire to life.

We nurture and support aspiring performers - from acrobats and contortionists, to clowns, fire-breathers, jugglers, magicians and stilt-walkers - providing members opportunities to work with established industry performers and circus groups.

From full-length shows and corporate functions to private parties, we offer competitive pricing and a professional attitude.


Not another COVID-19 Annoucement

March 24th, 2020 by Brett

Another year and Circusoc is facing challenges.

We are looking for people to help us improve our ability to help our community online with awesome tutorials and other good information.

Here’s also an updated list of our exec because we can 🙂

President: Alysha
Secretary: Richard
Treasurer: Hans
Arc Delegate: Jack
Grievance Officer: Ben


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Weekly Meetings

Weekly Monday night meetings - 5pm to 9pm on the Physics Lawn.
9pm to 10pm in the Judo room, unigym.